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Why did Dan Brown get all the reviews?

Dan Brown’s new book is on most front pages of websites and papers ┬áthis week. A dissection of Dante, the struggles with writer’s block, the difficult decisions: it’s all there plus the gratuitous sniping at the deftness of the prose (or is that deafness?). INFERNO will be a bestseller. AN Wilson called it a page turner despite the language. It has lots of factoids about viruses and Italy. All to the good.

I hope the Dan Brown magic rubs off on the rest of us writing clue-filled thrillers. My sleuths, by the way, are much better looking than Robert Langdon — I would see them played by Kate Winslet (Charlie) and Gwyneth Paltrow (Lucinda) in the movie (rights available on request). Check out The Stones of Judgment on Amazon for Kindle. It’s a page turner too and the prose I hope is not without sound.


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