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Keeping to a routine: dogs, football, pelicans and other friendly subjects

I have blogged now for a month. Three things are obvious: dogs get the greatest response, friends do not have staying power, and time is the hardest constraint. I have thus resolved to do the following:

1. Write about my dog at least once a week ¬†— and other animals too if possible

2. Tie everything I write about my dog (and other animals — see pelican below) to promoting my book in some way. This has proved hard with the pelican.


3. Abandon trying to get my friends to start the word of mouth necessary to get people I don’t know to read my book. They mean well but it’s just not happening folks

4. Start writing about football — it’s a love I share with billions of people, and some of them even read books. There are not many games during the summer so I have to keep my interest alive — and who knows, my next book might be set inside the world of football – I’ve been inside that fortress in Switzerland known as the home of FIFA and have even met Mr. Blatter — I have credentials.

Let’s see what the next month brings.

ps. This is the link to the book if anyone wants to download it. There are no pelicans in this one but it’s a great summer read — I will have to say that myself as others haven’t quite picked up on it yet!¬†


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When a tail gets in the way of a story

My beautiful dog, Belle, has had a story to tell. Her tail is now tweet-sized, novel but short,  following a radical edit. It all started on a bright and sunny day in early May when I took her to the dog hair salon. She returned clean and clipped but later that night her tail developed a sore.

Two weeks later, after many visits to the vet and the vet hospital, much stress, worry, medication (for both of us) and cost, she now has a stub where her gorgeous tail used to be and is wearing an accessory, mocked by many a passerby.

Because of all this, I have failed in my main task in life, which is to become a bestselling author. I will get back to this grail in the coming days. Belle’s stitches will be removed on June 6th. I should be in top 100,000 on Amazon shortly thereafter.Image


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