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We haven’t yet reached the Christmas break and I am afraid Belle’s Babes have not lived up to my wishful imaginings that August day when I first drafted in players and the season began. I am in 10th place in a league of 18; I am a sorry to say that my husband (manager of the Ciccola Dolphins) who even missed the first week has just overtaken me. I relied too heavily on non-performing Chelsea strikers in those opening games (they are still well off the pace and I have now sold them). I need to make 10 points more than the leaders for the next 10 games to have any chance of a top 5 finish. That’s not impossible but by this time in the year most people have identified the top points getters and can adjust their teams accordingly. What I need is a hat-trick from a outside ringer and I can’t think who that would be just now.

I won’t say I have given up. The mindspace that Fantasy Football takes up is precious territory. It brings hope, diversion and a loving shared interest with my son, now many many miles away in Australia. I get to debate fiercely (often by Skype) issues of no consequence, such as is it ok to pick a Man United player as my captain when they play is against Chelsea (answer: no, and I never have though my son claims I did two seasons ago — he’s wrong). And whether a player who costs less than 6 will ever produce that magic hat trick.

Belle’s Babes go into Saturday a good 80 points off the lead. I have to decide whether to make any trades, whether Aquero will continue his blistering goal scoring run against Swansea, or whether I should make Sturridge my captain this time as Liverpool take on Hull City away. Should I finally buy a Chelsea striker or stick with my front line of the above two plus Southampton’s Ricky Lambert, who’s been having a dry spell of late.  Many miles away, Gabriel is having similar thoughts, maybe even at the same hour that I am.

Luck and a good tail wind, as my father would say, may just see me through. I hope so. Tonight of course, it is Champions League football and I will be staunchly supporting Chelsea as they take on Basel in a revenge gig away from home. One point would put secure a spot in the last 16. I really don’t know why it matters that much, but it does.


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A Slow Start — Fantasy Football

Like the sales of my book, Stones of Judgment (see below for more details), Belle’s Babes got off to a slow start. I did manage more points that I have sales for the novel — but that is not hard! I picked Lukaku as captain and though he put in a spirited 35 minutes or so over two games, he didn’t deliver the goods — just four measly points.

I have some catching up to do and some team changes to make. I will think about this tonight ahead of Week 2, which starts at 12.35pm tomorrow. 

I did spend more time watching football than actually thinking about picking my players. First at Loftus Road, where it was brought home how long the season is going to be for Ipswich. They have a super skill deficit to overcome and I am not sure how that will happen. Gabriel, who Ms. Moneypenny of the FT would refer to as CC#2, and I sat among the QPR faithful who, to be fair, didn’t rate their team either until the 90th minute when they scored and sent three quarters of the crowd home happy. 

On Wednesday night we headed to Stamford Bridge for our first glimpse of Chelsea live. It was a balmy evening. An early goal (OG following loads of pressure) looked to set Chelsea on the way for a easy win but somehow all the midfield possession didn’t quite end up as a threat when it reached the 18 yard box, not for want of trying. Aston Villa took the initiative five seconds (I kid you not because I counted) before half time as Benteke slotted in what looked like an impossible shot. We were sitting way down the other end, which put us at a disadvantage in the second half as Chelsea was attacking away from us.

Ivanovic is a stalwart of both Belles Babes and Chelsea: he got me 15 points in Week One and secured three for Chelsea on Wednesday night. A thundering header from the middle of the six yard box off a great delivery from a free kick by Lampard. Lukaku had won the foul. No points for that for Fantasy Football.

So onwards and I hope upwards as far as the Pigeon Wing league table is concerned. I am languishing in 13th place but I have £2m in the bank and a few ideas. I will write more on why this is a good use of my time after Week 2. 


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