Fantasy Football — Countdown begins

Though my son has already made his team, mine is still a work in progress. Belle’s Babes (highest position: second in league a few seasons back) have changed strip this year to reflect my love of blue (Ipswich and Chelsea) rather than the version of gold, which was what I had aimed for in years past to represent the Belle in the name (family pet – golden retriever, sleeping at the end of my bed as I write).

So what does work in progress mean: an attempt by me to fit as many top scoring players in the team as possible alongside some possible dark horses (Hull, Cardiff, Crystal Palace). In year’s past I have shunned Man U. players because of my antipathy towards the team and its manager. This year with a new manager and my previous two year’s dismal performance I have decided to relent and put Van Persie up front (at least for now). I’ve still got more Chelsea players though. 

Any tips welcome. I have until 11.30am Saturday to finish the squad!


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