When a tail gets in the way of a story

My beautiful dog, Belle, has had a story to tell. Her tail is now tweet-sized, novel but short,  following a radical edit. It all started on a bright and sunny day in early May when I took her to the dog hair salon. She returned clean and clipped but later that night her tail developed a sore.

Two weeks later, after many visits to the vet and the vet hospital, much stress, worry, medication (for both of us) and cost, she now has a stub where her gorgeous tail used to be and is wearing an accessory, mocked by many a passerby.

Because of all this, I have failed in my main task in life, which is to become a bestselling author. I will get back to this grail in the coming days. Belle’s stitches will be removed on June 6th. I should be in top 100,000 on Amazon shortly thereafter.Image



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2 responses to “When a tail gets in the way of a story

  1. Poor Belle. I hope she is recovering. Good luck on your manuscript.

  2. Agnese Barolo

    You are still a great writer, but most importantly a good mum to Belle.

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