The Stones of Judgment

The Stones of Judgment

A Mystery
by Deborah Wise



March 5, 2013 · 8:17 am

4 responses to “The Stones of Judgment

  1. Jean Kane Winter

    Looking forward to reading this novel. My type of subject. Imagine my surprise when I realized that I am related to the author. Recognized the name and did a little sleuthing. We have actually met on a few occasions. It will make the read even more enjoyable. FYI I paid $2.99 on Amazon! It’s been many years but I would like to reconnect. You have a lot of American cousins who I am sure will enjoy your book. I will it on. Be well and good luck.

    • Dear Jean,
      Wow! Amazing that you found the book. I do hope you enjoy it. I do remember your family but am not sure where you fit in! Jean Marie and Tom came through Paris when I lived there and I certainly remember visiting in the US when I was a child spending time with Loretta, my mother’s sister. I am now living in London.

      It would be great if you could tell all the cousins about the book. I think it is a fun read. It was certainly fun to write.

      All best

      • Jean Kane Winter

        I am Jean Marie. Actually my brother Jack(deceased) and I stood up for your mother and dad’s wedding many moons ago. I was 16 I think. Loretta was my godmother and first cousin. We were a close family then. Nobody left from that generation except for my youngest brother Tom, 62 yrs old and myself. I,however, procreated. I have five children and 12 grandchildren ages 21 to 6. Lots of fun. Since my mom and brother passed we haven’t heard from Stephen. I hope he is well. We think he and my mother shared a gene pool. I don’t expect to experience their longevity. I’m in the midst of another book currently. The Stones of Judgement is next in line. I’m looking forward to it. Will let you know when I am finished. In the meantime I will alert everyone to give it a read. Technology is really amazing . Are you by any chance a member of An easy way to update you on Mary Lou’s side of the family. I’ll touch base soon.

        Best of luck
        Jean Marie Kane Winter. (Married 53 years to Tom)

      • Dear Jean I am not sure this is a private response. Can you send me your email address. Mine is There is quite a story to tell of the fortunes of the Wises — My dad is well and will be 91 in August.

        lots of love Deborah

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