Stones of Judgment

This is my new book. It is at the publishers (or should I say eBook formatters) now and will be available for Kindles and Nooks pretty soon. You can also visit my website and read more about the book and me.

The book starts just as the old pope resigns. A nun is found dead in a small church in Suffolk and two ex-convent schoolgirls, now in the early thirties, set out to find the killer. It’s a mystery adventure that travels from London to India and back with the final climactic scene in the Vatican City on the day the new pope is elected.

Can one may rig a Papal Conclave and infiltrate the Vatican? You can find out in Stones of Judgment. 

It’s a witty take on a very old theme. Charlie and Lucinda, my spunky protagonists, are smart, witty and resourceful. They solve clues and find romance and along the way may even save the world!

I’ll post the links to the downloads as soon as it is ready. It will be free for the first couple of weeks. Tomorrow I’ll post the introduction here with a description of the first murder!!!



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3 responses to “Stones of Judgment

  1. Thanks dear, my very first comment!!!

  2. Way to use the internet. A brave new world. Love the title!

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